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The University of Toronto Triathlon Club is open to students, alumni, faculty and community members of the U of T Athletic Centre who are 18 years and older (exceptions are made to current U of T students who are 17). We welcome athletes of all abilities from experienced triathletes to those new to the sport. The club operates year round, offering professionally coached swim and run workouts and member-led bike/spin workouts.

The U of T Tri Club is suitable for a range of current and aspiring triathletes (18yrs+), which include:

  • Recreational Athletes – those who are new to endurance sports and are primarily interested in triathlon training to get back in shape.
  • Short Course Athletes – those who have some experience in endurance sports and are primarily interested in competing in Sprint and Olympic distance triathlons/duathlons or 5k/10k running races
  • Long Course Athletes – those who have some experience in endurance sports and are primarily interested in competing in Long Course to Ironman distance triathlons or half-marathon/marathon running races.

BEGINNERS PLEASE NOTE: You must be able to swim 300m continuous before you attend the swim workouts. If you are new to swimming, the AC offers various swim classes to get you started.

New members can register online at or in-person at the Athletic Centre main office located at Harbord and Spadina.
Please note: Students have access to the Athletic Centre with their T-Card during the scholastic year.

Fees are structured according to the University semesters and members are required to register each term. We offer three options: a Triathlon Option (access to swim, bike and run workouts), a Duathlon Option (bike and run) and Run Option.

Joining: Step-by-step Instructions

1. Try Us Out
Attend any one of our workouts to meet us and try it out!  For indoor spin workouts, email to make sure there is a bike reserved for you.

2. Join the U of T Athletics Centre (AC)
-You must be an AC-member to join the Tri Club (provides access to training facilities, including pool). U of T students are automatically AC-members during the Fall and Winter terms. Otherwise, AC-membership can be purchased at the AC Main Office.

3. Join the Tri Club

To register for the Tri Club, search the following barcodes online at or by visiting the AC Main Office

  • Full Triathlon Package Fall + Winter: $215 – 46976
  • Full Triathlon Package Fall Only: $115 – 46973
  • Duathlon Package (Run + Bike) Fall + Winter: $195 – 46974
  • Duathlon Package (Run + Bike) Fall Only: $105 – 46977
  • Run Package Fall + Winter: $153 – 46978                         
  • Run Package Fall Only: $85 – 46975

4. Join the Forum, Facebook Page and Google groups

-The Forum is where the workouts, including locations, are posted, and where members sign up for indoor spin. For Forum access, please email with your registration receipt.
-Joining the Google Group subscribes you to the weekly bulletin of updates and news about the club. You can find the group by searching “University of Toronto Triathlon” in the Google Groups function

5.Come to the workouts!



For all other inquiries or questions please email